It’s clear that the mobile web is on the rise. Taking a look at the stats, it’s hard to see how desktop browsing can survive the onslaught. People use smartphones for almost everything. 91% of US citizens own a smart phone, and with the relatively low cost compared to computers, smart phone usage is growing […]

Everyone can create a website, but few can create a website that sells. From writing killer copy to designing a website that’s easy to use, there are lots of areas where you can turn an everyday website into a selling machine. In this article, we cover some of the best secrets to unlock the full […]

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As the web continues to change and develop, so too are the conventions for design and ecommerce. Traditional page-based websites aren’t quite on the way out yet, but as more web users turn to mobile and tablet-based devices, searching too deeply for content is becoming a thing of the past. Infinite scrolling designs are becoming […]

Pinterest is an easy social media platform to use. The best part about it is that it connects to potential customers who are in the mood to buy and who may even be inclined to make impulse purchases. Because Pinterest is so easy to use, many eCommerce stores already have their marketing strategies focusing on […]

Selling music beyond first became possible in 1877 with the introduction of the phonograph cylinder. Since then media formats have developed and radically changed the way we listen, and recently even where we can listen to music. The cool chaps form IndiGoBoom have looked at the last 30 years of music format development and popularity […]

Webbie | $45 | Demo Making eBooks Easy as Cake! Designed with a dash of simplicity, a pinch of minimalism, and a healthy helping of elegance, Webbie is theme that lets you write, present & sell your ebook on wordpress with ease. Its a responsive, premium theme built around making the writing, reading & selling […]

It’s billed as the battle of the century, at least as far as app developers are concerned; which has better ROI, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? Consumers are split: Apple have the single largest market share, Google have numerous manufacturers on their side; iOS dominates North America, Android wins out in Europe. If you’re targeting […]

For many web design professionals, there was no option but to be self taught. Years ago, the academic qualifications simply didn’t exist. Sure, you could study design, but you’d be left to learn the technology by yourself. You could take an I.T. course, but you’d be lacking design skills. Perhaps that’s the reason web designers […]