App stores are popping up every day and will soon number in the billions. It is not a surprise that things are exploding with all the Smartphones we have, but with more App stores and mobile websites it means changes are necessary. It is perhaps why there are many individuals asking experts what they can do to help their App stores become something better.

The typical App store

Most App stores of today have a registration/user account the consumer needs to create in order to access the different offerings. A catalog of what is being sold in that App store including free and paid categories is created to show the most purchased or popular first. Images are often provided to give the consumer an idea of what is offered. The pricing if there is any is often listed above or beside the image depending on the App store setup. The purchasing process, delivery process, and update automation are then going to follow once the app has been downloaded. It is all very simple; however, Windows Azure is making changes, which often means other producers of Apps and stores are going to need to change and keep up.

What current App stores are lacking

Most App stores have some great things like a user account, easy to use catalog, but there are also things that do not fit with App stores. These things which are lacking hold back most producers from starting a true App store. What is lacking includes pricing complexity, B2B payment models, bulk purchasing, and incorporation of any channels and partners. Apps are cheap and many are free, with very little maintenance. It is one of the main reasons consumers keep coming back to purchase more; however, from an ecommerce point of view changes are needed for even better results. Most producers find ecommerce software is still required to make the most of their business options. They are looking for a way to combine both ecommerce with App stores in a better way.

eCommerce solutions needed

Producers of Apps need ecommerce sites. It is possible to integrate the software with App stores in an easy to use model for mobile devices if the appropriate software is used. Shopping can be done on the ecommerce site, with activation IDs, and then be redirected to electronic shopping requirements. Licensing is one of the main issues many producers face. How to get their products licensed without losing money is fairly simple with the right online ecommerce site and software.
Shopify options can offer the B2B and ecommerce platforms required, with electronic downloads. Customization is supported and since these ecommerce sites are setup for electronic sales it does make it better. As of yet there is no concrete solution to creating a workable App store like producers truly need according to the experts. It is also a matter
of what producers might be hoping for from their App store that they are not as yet getting. The main answer is to start looking for ecommerce versus traditional App store for anyone selling apps.