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Videos are a fantastic way to promote your product or website. Unfortunately they can be quite expensive or super time consuming if you decide to make them yourself.What you need is an easy and affordable way to create limitless marketing videos
Enter VideoJac, your one-stop shop for creating top-notch marketing videos  for yourself, or to resell. You don’t need to be a videographer at all, thanks to the easy-to-use interface, numerous templates, and simple Online Video Editor.


VideoJac Highlights:

  • Incredibly Simple to Use
    No matter what your experience level (from “none” to “advanced”), you can make the most of VideoJac’s marketing templates. Make slight changes to the text or change up the images, music and more with simple drag-and-drop tools in the Online Video Editor. Your videos can then be published and downloaded as .mp4 video files.
  • Super Customizable
    The marketing video templates were created in such a way that you can customize them to fit your every need. Easily upload new music, cut out scenes, add new ones, change text, and more. The Online Video Editor makes it fast and easy to create high-quality professional-looking videos.
  • Be More Credible
    With a quality-looking video on your site or out on the Web, you’ll instantly be thought of as an expert in your niche with consumers looking to you for advice and suggestions.
  • Unbranded Videos
    Every video in VideoJac’s library is completely white-labeled. There are no logos or branding anywhere, so you can easily make them your own, courtesy of your own branding. You can also easily offer Videojac directly to your clients under your own brand and website.
  • Video is a Powerful Marketing Tool
    These days, consumers have less than zero attention span. That means you have to grab them instantly or they’re gone to the next site. A long, boring text piece won’t do you any good, but an entertaining, catchy video is sure to grab hold.
  • Search Engine Ranking
    Add appropriate and descriptive tags to each video and you can soon see yourself climbing up the search results charts.
  • Make Your Own Videos
    Working with the existing templates, you can customize as many videos as you’d like, and then sell access to them among your fellow marketers, clients or members.
  • Template cloning
    The feature allows you to use just one video template to create multiple separate versions of a video. Great for quickly making multiple videos that have small variations, split testing, client reviews, niche markets, etc… You can also edit a video template and embed your video anywhere in such a way that when you update the template, the videos update everywhere instantly. No need to render. No need to download. No need to upload.


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