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TeslaThemes produce some of the most attractive, and feature-rich WordPress themes available on the Web. Now, thanks to our sister-site,, you can bag 14 of their best themes for the tiny price of $19. The 14 distinct themes cover the full range of WordPress style sites, from photo journal to corporate website, from personal blog to design […]

Design Perfect Web Application | $19 | Details Designing a successful Web app is a tricky business. You may have the coolest idea ever, but if your execution is poor, nobody’s going to use it. Sure, you’ve got website design down to a science, but designing Web apps is a completely different beast. When you […]

How To Get Media Coverage | $25 | Details Get substantial media coverage for your startup can be the key difference in exploding into an overnight sensation versus shutting things down within the first year. Word of mouth is critical and unless you have the right skills to succeed, you’re most likely in for a […]

Flexo | $69 | Details Passionate about fonts? Or perhaps you’re just looking to spell things out on your site in a totally new and unique way. Designed by Ben Blom in 2011, the Flexo Font Family could be just what the typography doctor ordered! Your purchase of the Flexo Font Family doesn’t just give you one […]

Smashing Bundle | $24 | Details These days many developers are jumping on the JavaScript bandwagon for performance. And for good reason. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore CSS. There are plenty of incredibly useful applications for CSS, and this eBook runs down the best of the bunch, including: Using pseudo-elements in CSS Decoupling your […]

VideoJac | $47 | Details Videos are a fantastic way to promote your product or website. Unfortunately they can be quite expensive or super time consuming if you decide to make them yourself.What you need is an easy and affordable way to create limitless marketing videos Enter VideoJac, your one-stop shop for creating top-notch marketing videos […]

Gesture Vector Icons | $37 | Details Everyone’s got icons these days. Cramming a ton of information into a tiny space has never been handled better. But what about all those touch screens that are now the norm. With iPads, Kindles and smartphones taking over the planet, the same old icons no longer do the […]

PS Latyer Styles | $18 | Details As a Web designer, you have so many graphical weapons at your disposal. Photoshop is easily one of the best. And within Photoshop itself, you can add an infinite number of tools to improve an already amazing product. A massive library of Photoshop layers can open all your […]

Brush Pilot™ | $12 | Details Are you messy with all of your Photoshop brush files or do you simply have too many to sort though? Most of us are in this situation and finding the right brush can be quite a nightmare. Enough is enough!! Brush Pilot™ comes to the rescue and does all of the […]