Don’t you just love going to a restaurant and seeing the day’s specials up on a chalkboard? Besides the inevitable drool dripping down your chin, it’s just pure fun looking at a hand-drawn menu with pure unique style infused within it. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could capture the pure quirky essence of that […]

The consumer electronics market is one of the most rapidly changing and evolving markets today. The technology that shapes electronics proceeds at a rapid pace and innovations occur almost daily. Consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets are aimed at a younger market, one that loves innovation and smart design; the marketing campaigns for such […]

TeslaThemes produce some of the most attractive, and feature-rich WordPress themes available on the Web. Now, thanks to our sister-site,, you can bag 14 of their best themes for the tiny price of $19. The 14 distinct themes cover the full range of WordPress style sites, from photo journal to corporate website, from personal blog to design […]

When you land on Whipping Post‘s homepage, the rustic brown images of carefully crafted leather products soothe the senses like whiskey warms the belly. The site, full of guitar accessories and vintage messenger bags from Atlanta-based former musician Ryan Barr, was designed by Brad Miller – an Ottawa-based designer who founded his firm Out of the […]

Curious about who plays what musical instruments, and how much money do we actually use on musical instruments every year? Check out this cool infographic by the nice guys from IndigoBoom.  

It’s clear that the mobile web is on the rise. Taking a look at the stats, it’s hard to see how desktop browsing can survive the onslaught. People use smartphones for almost everything. 91% of US citizens own a smart phone, and with the relatively low cost compared to computers, smart phone usage is growing […]

Everyone can create a website, but few can create a website that sells. From writing killer copy to designing a website that’s easy to use, there are lots of areas where you can turn an everyday website into a selling machine. In this article, we cover some of the best secrets to unlock the full […]

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As the web continues to change and develop, so too are the conventions for design and ecommerce. Traditional page-based websites aren’t quite on the way out yet, but as more web users turn to mobile and tablet-based devices, searching too deeply for content is becoming a thing of the past. Infinite scrolling designs are becoming […]